Work For Hire

We are immersed in solving the technical and narrative challenges presented by translating story worlds and messages across platforms, devices, and different categories of interactive experience. The result is hundreds of interactive e-books, games, apps, webcasts, websites, and series that combine to defy old media boundaries and create fundamentally new ways of engaging audiences. In this constantly evolving world of media, every day sees new production tools and distribution channels.

Animgram implements and adapts the most effective of these. When the right solution doesn’t exist, we create it. We’re particularly passionate about the revolutionary potential of creating easy-to-use tools to turn passive media consumers into a global legion of engaged media makers.

We’ve been inventing new media solutions for government agencies, non-profit organizations, innovative start-ups, and broadcast companies including Barnes & Noble, NBC, Nickelodeon, Learner Foundation, Colgate, BBC, Penguin, and Speakaboos.

If you want us to transform your story give us a shout at shout at animgram dot com and we will get back to you asap.